Our Story

Thewlis Gregson was created after a chance meeting between two Cheshire businessmen who came together at a day’s shooting.

Realising the gap in the market for a high-end vehicle shooting cabinet, the company was born.

further products were to follow. the ethos  was concentrating on  creating the very best brand in the marketplace using the finest materials and finishes available. 

Style and functionality were at the top of the wish list.  after researching the market, it was apparent this would be the point of difference from the competitors.


both partners had a wealth of knowledge and experience,  one from working in sales for Rolls Royce, the other partner had assisted in the development of similar projects for Bentley Motors. they combined their talents to develop the first prototype.

the prototype was manufactured from steel tube and wood. A further 18 months of development followed. The main concentration was on reliable repeatable methods of construction. The continuous drive for refinement created the product available today. 

Construction methods adopted by Thewlis Gregson are unique. employing the use of 3d cad drawing development from the start. this  enables the designer and customer the ability to modify and have input into their product. 

The use of CNC machines plays a large part in the manufacturing process. from the water-jet cut aluminium profiles through to the CNC milled and laser cut finished parts.

everything is manufactured in- house enabling complete control at every stage of the process.

the bolt together assembly ensures precision.  whilst the individual design allows  for most of the fixings to be hidden, giving no visible clue as to how the box is assembled.

Security is a key feature of all our boxes . A major part of the development and design time was spent on ensuring each box was as secure as possible whilst not compromising on style.

This has been achieved by using discrete pin style dead-locks mounted to each side of the main drawer as standard.

All car furniture is bolted to the car's existing luggage fixing points.

Thewlis Gregson use local craftspeople to finish the product, all of whom are specialists in their trade.

All finishes are to the highest quality whether that be hand polished aluminium, the finest matched wood veneers or hand stitched finished leather .

Thewlis Gregson products are British made excellence from design through to production.